Join Maternity Action in calling for an end to unfair redundancies for pregnant women and new parents.

One in every 20 new mothers in the workplace are made redundant during pregnancy, maternity leave or return to work.  Many of these are discriminatory selections and many others are just unfair.  Three quarters of new mothers experience some form of maternity discrimination at work and 54,000 women each year lose their jobs as a result.

In January 2017, the Government gave a commitment to review redundancy protections.  Over a year later, women are still waiting for action.

We are calling for the UK to adopt the German model in which pregnant women and new mothers can only be made redundant in specified circumstances.  This approach, recommended by the Women and Equalities Select Committee, would provide effective protection against the unfair treatment commonly experienced by pregnant women and new mothers.

Get involved and help end unfair redundancies.