“I worked in a global firm and just before my mat leave started we were bought out, so redundancies were inevitable as part of the restructuring that was to follow. I returned from mat leave in Sep 2016, and needed a few weeks off for surgery just before returning to work. So I returned fit and healthy in Oct 2016. On my first day back after being signed back on I had a meeting with the head of dept who seemed very annoyed with the time I took for the surgery and suggested that if it came to survival of the fittest, I would not fare well!. In Nov 2016 redundancies across my department were announced and consultation began. There was to be one loss in my dept at my grade. There were 8 of us, and, as no-me volunteered we had to complete a form evidencing why we should stay. The criteria reflected changes in the role that had occurred while I was on mat leave and so I struggled. As a result of this, I was found wanting and I had to go.

I have since found out that personnel changes across the team with temporary covers and recruitment has meant that there was in fact only a reduced head count for a few months!  

I cannot articulate sufficiently how much this has affected me AND my family. I worked so hard to join the company and feedback confirmed that I was successful and respected, and then I was suddenly forced out for not being good enough?! I then had to find a new job in a hurry that would be compatible with family life, I’m now in a similar role for a great company but I’m on a fixed term contract and I’ve lost all my benefits, and have a much longer commute each day. And once my contract ends I’ll have to go through it all again. I can honestly say that 9 months on I am only now able to discuss it with confidence, but finding out the drop in head count wasn’t permanent has been a real knock.”