“Just over 6 weeks ago I was told my role was at risk of redundancy. I work in a small department – there is just my manager, myself and my previous maternity cover that they made permanent when I returned to work. Things were difficult as soon as I returned to work – my request for flexible working had been turned down flat without any discussion only 2 weeks before I returned to work. I had given 8 weeks notice to return and made my flexible working request at this time, so it had taken a long time to get an answer which I had had to push for.

I was told I was the only person at risk of redundancy. My maternity cover had given in her notice a few weeks before, the news of which I had heard on the company grapevine rather than from my manager. When I asked him, his response was that he had asked her to keep it quiet until they had ‘worked out what they were going to do’. The redundancy meeting followed approximately 2 weeks later.

I was advised that there would be a 2 week consultation process, extended by 2 days due to the holiday of a senior manager. This was then extended by a further week as I advised that I also had annual leave booked. At the first consultation meeting I was advised that there were 2 jobs currently available at the company, a promotion in my current department or a job in another department and I could apply for one or both and be interviewed for the roles.

At the second consultation meeting on my return to work after annual leave I applied for both roles and was advised that interviews would be arranged that week and the consultation process would be extended until they were completed. They were arranged for the week after and took place that week. I was then left waiting and finally asked when I would be made aware of the outcome the Monday of week 6 of the consultation process as I hadn’t been advised when I would be told what the next step would be.

I was asked to attend a further meeting where I was told I hadn’t been successful for either job due to ‘the answers that you gave’ but was offered a different role in the company, without an interview, however, this role would be a 27% decrease in salary. I turned this down after  discussing it with my family as this was a substantial demotion. I was made redundant the next day.”